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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

We listen to our parents and our students and create curriculum that is relevant to their continued growth and interest. Our program is year long, however, our curriculum models that of post secondary school with Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer terms.​


Our Spring and has a heavy concentration on visual, written, performing arts and social and community awareness.

Summer term starts June 17, 2019 through July 26, 2019. You can find a calendar under our events tab. The summer program consists of seven themed weeks of learning, fun, and adventure! 


Though our topics are not your typical DIY crafting projects, rest assured that we build our curriculum with various levels of ability in mind. We meet our students where they are developmentally and go from there. Our students work side by side helping and encouraging one another. For instance, our class may be working in our Pre Electronic Networking course; while one student may be able to read and write without assistance, another student may be provided help with completing  the assignment with pictures or hand over hand guidance. 

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